Fitting Halloween Posting

Bones?  Halloween?  Yah?  No?  Wait, I got another one: Charlie “digital”, get it? Okay, lame, I know :-).

In any case, that’s my finger.

That little piece of bone hanging off of my middle phalange is a chip fracture that I suffered about 4 weeks ago at the gym playing basketball.  Turns out it was more than just a fracture.  As my finger was hyperextended, the tendon at the joint actually tore partially (which explains the excruciating pain and swelling) and as it tore, it actually took a small piece of the bone with it.

The ER doctor had my finger in a straight splint for the last four weeks, which totally messed up my finger because it needed to be in a curved splint to account for the hyperextension and to release stress on the tendon.  Doh!

I’ve been mostly getting by with 4 finger typing on my left hand, but spelling mistakes are plentiful and I feel as if my WPM is down at least 33%.

Well, looks like it’ll be another 2 weeks in a splint for now.  This has me wondering: can/should us keyboard jockeys insure our hands?

In any case: Happy Halloween!

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