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The ESAM 5600 Arrives!

Posted by Charles Chen

Ever since my trip out to Switzerland, I've been jonesing for an espresso machine.  After a lot of research, checking out lots of youtube videos, almost pulling the trigger various times, I ended up purchasing the DeLonghi ESAM5600 SL from JL Hufford.  I briefly considered Nespresso machines, but without recycling centers nearby, it seemed like very wasteful and not to mention the cost of the pods would be expensive over the lifetime of the machine.  Besides: I like to be able to choose my own beans.

We'll see how this DeLonghi holds up over time.  I expect to get a lot of use out of it 😀

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Windows Azure “Introductory Special” — WTF?

Posted by Charles Chen

WTF Microsoft? Seriously?

This is what you call an "introductory special"?


This is fine and all, except in the months of January and February -- in fact, since I've signed up -- I've never used the caching service.  Heck, I've barely used Azure!  How can I possibly be billed for $46?  Yeah, I'm pretty much cancelling my sub after this; can't waste my time and energy every month double checking to see if I'm being ripped-off by Microsoft.  And on top of all that, I have to wait 4 hours for a support callback...

Now here is my theory: I am being billed $4/day just for having 128MB of cache allocated, whether I use it or not.  But this is beyond fucking stupid. It hurts adoption because it drives developers -- like me -- away from even signing up in the first place if I have to police by billing, even when I'm not using the service.  And seriously $46/mo. for having 128MB of web accessible memory available?  I get more memory allocated from my $7/mo. hosted shared server.  WTF?

I can accept the cost if there was some way to opt out or if there was some notice that I would be billed for being allocated the cache space or if there was some à la carte way to turn it off -- my mistake for not noticing in those cases.   But I was not given an option to opt out of cache, I was not notified that I would be billed regardless of actual usage, and as far as I can tell, there is no way to turn off cache.

This is some serious bullshit.

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Folders and Nested Folders in ListInstances

Posted by Charles Chen

This took me about 3 hours to figure out so I figure it was worth sharing.

First, I assumed that it was possible given that the .stp file export of a custom list with folders and nested folders seem to work fine.  Online, the feedback seems to be a bit different and my early results seemed to confirm it.  However, I persisted and after several (and I mean several) tries, I finally got it working.

So I share with you the magic sauce for those times when you want to seed your deployment with hierarchical data.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Elements xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">
  <ListInstance Title="Seed Data"
      Description="Seed data">
                  <Field Name="ID">1</Field>
                  <Field Name="ContentType">Country</Field>
                  <Field Name="Title">USA</Field>
                  <Field Name="FSObjType">1</Field>
                  <Field Name="ID">2</Field>
                  <Field Name="ContentType">State</Field>
                  <Field Name="Title">New Jersey</Field>
                  <Field Name='FileDirRef'>USA</Field>
                  <Field Name="FSObjType">1</Field>
                  <Field Name="ID">3</Field>
                  <Field Name="ContentType">County</Field>
                  <Field Name="Title">Mercer</Field>
                  <Field Name="FileDirRef">USA/New Jersey</Field>
                  <Field Name="FSObjType">0</Field>

Yes, it was a pretty painful experience to get this figured out, but it was definitely worth it.

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