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Started Working with the NDoc 2 Alpha Build…

Just started.

Turns out that it requires "HTML Help 2 Compiler" or "VSHIK".

Having used the previous version of NDoc, I first turned to my VS2005 install CD to see if the help utilities were included but not installed by default (but I swear I looked through that thing when I installed it specifically for help utilities).

Not there :-S

Googling led me to this sie: http://www.helpware.net/mshelp2/h20.htm, which has info on how to obtain VSHIK and how to set it up.  The site also has a good primer on MSHelp2.

Will report on how NDoc 2 is coming along...

Update: First run looks good.  The HxS output format is still a bit confusing to me...will have to dig into that.

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