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Host Headers, SharePoint (2010), and Access Denied (401)

I've been working on setting up a VM to play around with SharePoint 2010 and kept running into a weird issue where I would be prompted for my credentials repeatedly and I was denied access to the site entirely, even when using an administrator account.

I had set up my SharePoint web application using a host header; for example, beta.dev.com.

Meanwhile, I was able to access the same site from my host environment without any issue.  What gives?  Turns out that there is a slight registry tweak you have to make when working with host headers and IIS.

Phil Harding has a good writeup with links to the Microsoft KBs and additional details.

Posted by Charles Chen

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  1. Did this trick worked for Win server 2008 R2 with sharepoint 2010 on it???

  2. As suggested, I tried doing the following but no dice :

    1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lanmanserver\parameters

    If we create a DWORD value under this key named:


    And set it to ‘1’

    but this did work :



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