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That's tomorrow!  It shall be epic.

The Unofficial List of Evidence That Sarah Palin is the Worst VP Pick Ever
She can't name any supreme court cases aside from Roe v. Wade
She reads every newspaper, but can't name any of them
Would counsel a raped 15 year old to birth the child
Does not think global warming is a manmade problem
Thinks homosexuality is a choice
Participated in a Miss Alaska competition...and didn't even win
She doesn't know what the Bush Doctrine is
She...supports Hamas?
Is upset that they don't tag the oil molecules to be tracked
Is an expert on Russian foreign policy because she's closer to Russia than you are
She didn't want that Bridge to Nowhere...but she did before, but not now!
Thinks community organizers have no worthwhile responsibilities
Matt Damon is not sure if she thinks dinosaurs existed 4000 years ago
Thinks she can ban books from libraries

The Unofficial List of Evidence That Sarah Palin is the Best VP Pick Ever
She is immune to witches

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