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Setting Links in Word Programmatically

Since I didn't find anything on this topic via Google...

Just a quick "how to" on setting links in Microsoft Word programmatically (in this case, C#):

public void CheckRuntime() {
object reference = null;

try {
reference = Marshal.GetActiveObject("Word.Application");
catch (COMException) {
System.Console.Out.WriteLine("No instances found...");

if (reference != null) {
try {
System.Console.Out.WriteLine("Found running instance!");

ApplicationClass wordRuntime = (ApplicationClass)reference;

System.Text.StringBuilder buffer = new StringBuilder();
foreach (Document document in wordRuntime.Documents) {
buffer.AppendFormat("{0}|", document.Name);

if (wordRuntime.Selection != null) {
System.Console.Out.WriteLine("Selected text: \"{0}\"",

object optional = Missing.Value;
object url = "http://www.google.com/";

if(wordRuntime.Selection.Hyperlinks.Count == 0) {
ref url,
ref optional

string.Format("Currently open documents are: {0}",
finally {

The code is wrapped in a function call I'm using for testing. The key part of this is detecting the currently selected text and using the ApplicationClass.Selection and then invoking _Add. The method takes three parameters. Make sure that your first parameter is a Range class instance, your second parameter is passed by reference, and your third parameter (the SubAddress) is set to System.Reflection.Missing.Value.

This should set the text point to any input URL.

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